IgniteTech Acquires AnswerHub

IgniteTech Acquires AnswerHub

IgniteTech, an Austin, TX-based software company, acquired AnswerHub, a Durham, NC-based provider of a knowledge management platform.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

With the acquisition, IgniteTech will strengthen and expand its suite of Communications and Remote Engagement solutions.

Led by CEO Terry Waters, AnswerHub enables customers to share their insights and practices across teams, growing and connecting communities of experts to share knowledge internally and externally. Using multiple avenues for knowledge sharing, from Q&As to knowledge bases and user-generated content, users can find answers to their pressing questions right away from the subject-matter expert. The company also eliminates repetitive tasks like responding to routine support tickets and internal chats, allowing teams and talent to focus on the business and technical priorities that matter most.

Led by CEO Eric Vaughan, IgniteTech is a software company, which grows almost exclusively through acquisitions: 1) to save and stabilize the software and businesses it acquires; 2) to continuously innovate and transition products to the AWS cloud; and 3) to add value with its Netflix-style software subscription, which provides customers access to all products in IgniteTech’s solution suites.