Gaming and Investor Veterans Launch Behold Ventures

Behold Ventures founders

Behold Ventures, a Stockholm, Sweden-based games-focused VC fund, has launched.

Co-founded in 2021 by Karl Magnus Troedsson, Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir and Magnus Kenneby, Behold Ventures focuses entirely on Investments in gaming startups, mainly in the nordic industry cluster.

The strategy is to use its founders experience and network from the gaming industry to find and invest in startups, help to create and accelerate value-building, and provide significant returns in the long term not only for its investors, but for its pool of portfolio companies.

Behold Venture’s first fund already has committed capital of approximately EUR 25 million, which almost exclusively comes from gaming veterans and global gaming companies. The goal is to close the fund at double the size, while now also opening the fund to more traditional investors.

So far, Behold has twelve companies in the portfolio and will continue to invest at a high rate in the coming years.