CardieX Acquires Blumio


CardieX Limited (ASX: CDX), a Sydney, Australia- and Naperville, IL-based health technology company, acquired Blumio, a Silicon Valley based developer of algorithms and technology for cardiovascular sensors.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

With the acquisition, CardieX will increase clinical performance for its ecosystem of heart health monitoring solutions. Blumio has also developed a suite of data analytics and visualization tools used to uncover insights in clinical data that contribute to CardieX’s current wearable development efforts. These tools will enhance CardieX’s “Arty™ Heart Health Analytics Platform” to proactively monitor, alert, and provide actionable health insights from CardieX’s CONNEQT Pulse and CONNEQT Band devices – thereby enabling physicians and patients alike to make more informed healthcare decisions.

Led by CEO Catherine Liao, Blumio is a sensor technology startup focused on developing wearable sensors and cardiovascular health algorithms, including blood pressure estimation that is not reliant on an inflatable cuff. Its radio frequency technology gathers a validated pulse pressure waveform that enables at-home, all-day, and all-night cardiovascular health data collection to help physicians and patients make informed healthcare decisions related to various health disorders, from hypertension to maternal health. 

Led by CEO Craig Cooper, CardieX is a health technology company that focuses on hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and other arterial health disorders. Its ATCOR division is focused on medical devices for measuring arterial stiffness and central blood pressure waveforms based on its unique FDA-cleared and patented SphygmoCor technology. Under the CONNEQT brand, the company develops wearables, digital solutions, and devices for remote patient monitoring, decentralized clinical trials, and home health. CardieX is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:CDX).