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Welcome to the home of the Westchester Vipers Youth Hockey and Westchester Wild Girls Hockey....... Full tryout fee must be paid at the table when you check in..................   NO ONE will be able to take the ice for the third tryout only, (2) tryouts must be attended in order to qualify to be placed on a team
Westchester Vipers!



Westchester Vipers Hockey Association
Westchester Wild Girls Hockey


All Tryouts for the 2014 - 2015 season have now been completed. 

What a season Just wait and see what is in store for next year.

All of the members of the board and Coaches of the Vipers and the Wild teams hope that all the players have grown as youth hockey players.

See you at the rink 


If you have any suggestion, comments or questions please direct to:

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2014 / 2015 Coaches Announced
    The Westchester Vipers / Wild are pleased to...
Metro Elite Hockey League Announced
  For Immediate Release: February 28, 2014   METRO...
NEW USA Hockey Rule Regarding Helmets
ALL   USA Hockey's continued pursuit to help avoid...
Concussions Awareness
2014 / 2015 Coaches Announced
by posted 03/23/2014
The Westchester Vipers / Wild are pleased to announce the coaching staff for the upcoming 2014-15 season
Assistant Coaching Assignments will be announced in the Summer
HEAD COACH's for the 2014-15 season
Mite xice 2006              Doug Schur    Billy Branch
Mite xice 2007/8         Jim Pellegrino Sr
Squirt 2005 team        Jim Pellegrino Jr
Squirt 2004 team        Anthony Pellegrino
Squirt A                          Jerritt Thiess
Squirt B                          Jerry Petras
Peewee 03 A                 Judson Selig
Peewee 02 TB              Kevin Hagen     Walter Tchernigov
Peewee A                       Joe Berkley
Peewee B                       Dave Dragone
Bantam 00 TB             Frank Scalia
Bantam 01                     Walter Tchernigov    Kevin Hagen
Bantam A                      Josh Isenberg
Midget 98 TB              Brian DelSavio      Erik Kallio
Midget 99 AA              Erik Kallio              Gus Katsuras
Midget A                       Joe DiDomenico
Midget Major              Brett Bilodeau

Wild U10/12 Devel      Johanna Slempa
Wild U14                        Monique Rafferty
Wild U16/19                  Mark DeSimone

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Metro Elite Hockey League Announced
by posted 03/03/2014

For Immediate Release:

February 28, 2014
METRO Elite Hockey League Announced
In an effort to provide quality ice hockey and consistent competition for organizations in the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey markets the Metro Elite Hockey League was born.

This USA Hockey member’s league has been designed for organizations which desire quality competition in a reasonable geographic footprint. This league will follow USAH rules and will begin play for the 2014-2015 season Mite thru Midget 18U.

The Metro Elite Hockey League will be split into two divisions; Tier I AAA and Tier II AA. The AAA division will field teams that can compete at the AAA level and those teams will compete by birth year. The Tier II AA division will be further split into AA Gold for the teams that can compete at the Tier II AA Major level and the AA Silver will be for those teams competing better at a Minor or “second team” level. The AA division will compete at Major levels, combining the two appropriate birth years, broken up into Gold and Silver divisions.

The founding members in Connecticut are: Connecticut Yankees, Central Connecticut Yankees, Greater New Haven Warriors, Bridgeport Wonderland Wizards, Greenwich Skating Club. Founding members in New York are: P.A.L. Junior Islanders, P.A.L. Blue Knights, P.A.L. Silver Knights, Westchester Vipers, New York Junior Aviator, Brooklyn Aviator, Hudson Valley Polar Bears, Nassau County Lions, Ice Cat Amateur Hockey Club and Great Neck Hockey. Founding members in New Jersey are: New Jersey Hitmen, New Jersey Bandits, Brick Hockey Club.

The league flexibility and close proximity for these member organizations make this League a natural fit for almost any organization. Regardless, if you are independent or in a league, the Metro Elite Hockey League can provide great hockey while promoting skill development.

The web site for all league information and new member applications is currently under construction and will be found at

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NEW USA Hockey Rule Regarding Helmets
by ddearborn posted 10/04/2013
USA Hockey's continued pursuit to help avoid players from concussions has led to a new rule regarding the helmets players wear.
ALL helmets have what is called a HECC sticker on the back of the helmet which certifies that the helmet is made in accordance with safety guidelines and contains an expiration date as to when the full safety features of the helmet have exceeded their suggested lifetime and could fail.
Most of the kids over the course of the years since these stickers appeared have either taken them off because "they didn't look cool" or have scratched out the expiration date.
Here is the rule that has been put in place as written:
All players must wear HECC approved helmets. At the USA Hockey Annual Meeting, it was determined that helmets currently contain a HECC sticker affixed to the helmets. These stickers contain an expiration date and a player’s helmet must be within that expiration period. Parents please check your player’s helmets. Players wearing a helmet without a sticker OR with an expired sticker will be asked to leave the ice.
At the Section meeting last week, it was announced that the referees in our Section WILL NOT ask a player to leave the ice on the first offense. The player will receive a warning and must have the helmet replaced prior to his next game. If the same player is caught for a second time, at that point he will be asked to leave the ice.
Parents, please check your players helmet over the course of the next few days to insure that the sticker on his or hers helmet is physically there and has not expired.
See you at the rink

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Concussions Awareness
by d dearborn posted 10/24/2012